Kids and junk food

No matter how well parents promote healthy eating, it can be difficult for any kid to avoid the temptation of junk food.

Instead of eliminating junk food entirely, which tends to increase cravings even more, try substituting some healthier alternatives.

Instead of Try
French fries
"Wavy cut fries" grilled in the oven and salted lightly or seasoned with some herbs and spices (oregano, dried mint, paprika etc...). Baked potato slices topped with low fat cheese
Ice cream
Low-fat frozen yogurt; sorbet; fresh fruit smoothies
Fried chicken
Baked homemade chicken strips or grilled chicken
Bagels, Muffins, baked doughnuts, granola and cereal bars, homemade desserts with less fat/sugar, kids delights desserts
Potato chips
Pretzels, unbuttered popcorn, baked potato chips, roasted soy or soy crisps, baked low fat crackers
Soda or canned juice
Homemade flavored water, skimmed milk or fresh juice
Gummy candies and marshmallows
Dried fruits stuffed with nuts, fruits salad, fruit kabobs with a chocolate dip