About Us

Why Kids Delights catering:


Preparing meals for kids can be tricky especially when you have picky eaters. Finding ways for healthy school lunch ideas and fun nutritious food that are exciting can be a real challenge. Parents know that instilling healthy eating habits starts early and requires creativity.

At Kids Delights catering:

  • We prepare meals with quality ingredients, full of nutrients and devoid of artificial additives;
  • We serve our meals with appealing food shapes;
  • We provide daily nutritional needs for your children, helping both mind and body prepare for a bright future;
  • We follow-up with your children and adjust their menus according to their needs;
  • We serve safe food with high standards according to the ISO 22000 requirements;
  • We pair our healthy menu with an information part that teaches children about serious issues related to unhealthy eating pattern giving them more reason to accept healthy eating habits;
  • We continually strive to fashion fancy platters and catchy healthy snacks that promote your children’s satisfaction and well-being.