Kids Delights Services

Kids Delights provides the following services:

  • Lunch box: delivered to your door, school, summer camp
  • Catering for school canteens
  • Catering for nurseries
  • Catering for private and public events (birthdays, dinners, entertainment…)


Kids Delights is glad to offer the lunchbox formula that helps schools and moms manage their health programs:

Most children spend at least 7 hours at school on every school day. Good nutrition during these long hours provides them with the energy and vitality required to function effectively. Children that have a more substantial lunch at school are also less likely to binge on high energy/fat snack foods when they get home.

Kids delights lunch box program is a delivery service of fresh, organic, gourmet food boxes for kids and teens easily manageable by schools at affordable prices.

Kids delights lunch boxes can be delivered to: home, schools, summer camps or kindergarten. They are fresh and well balanced to meet your children’s need.

The lunch box contains:

  • A portion of fruit
  • A cold snack
  • A green or cooked salad
  • A main meal (some options can be eaten cold and others should be warmed).


  • Who said private and public events can’t be Healthy and Delicious!? i.e. birthdays, dinners, summer camps, entertainment etc…
    We, at Kids Delights, offer a wide variety of menu items specially tailored to meet your expectations!
  • We also provide healthy catering services for Nurseries and School canteens


Because Kids Delights is dedicated to “restoring tasty nutrient dense food to the kids diet”, it achieves this task through nutritional education and healthy food delivery.

The kids’ pre-packed meals are controlled in terms of energy and nutritional balance. They are delivered directly to your door. The full package includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Two snacks for school days (including fruit)
  • Lunch with a salad or soup
  • Fruit salad/fruit yogurt/cereal bar/dessert as an afternoon snack
  • Dinner with a salad or soup

Clinical services:

Consultation: Our qualified dietitians offer the experience and expertise in children’s assessment and counseling. Kids can visit any of our branches for a consultation with a dietitian where eating habits and behaviors, health goals and concerns are discussed. A nutritious plan tailored for every child's needs is then prepared.

Follow-up sessions: After completing the initial nutrition consultation, ongoing nutrition coaching is available in 20- or 30- minute sessions. The dietitian will further support children toward a healthier lifestyle with discussions on current progress, and overcoming barriers.

Nutrition coaching division:

Kids Delights also believes in health awareness since childhood age. Upon request, we offer interactive classes and workshops for schools, kids’ summer camps, etc… on various nutrition topics, such as weight management, health eating in restaurants, healthy body image etc...