How to deal with a picky eater?


  • Don’t turn mealtimes into a battle zone and don’t force your child to eat his meal or snack;
  • Disguise foods that your kid doesn’t like: i.e. Sneak some fruits and veggies into your kid’s favorite dishes or baked goods; banana bread, apple muffins, carrot bars, small cubes of bell pepper in pizza, chopped broccoli to spaghetti sauce etc…
  • Make nibble trays: fill with healthy colorful food items, in funny and tiny shapes. Kids will be more likely tempted to choose several new items;
  • Get kids involved during shopping and meal preparation: Children enjoy helping adults to shop for groceries and they will be more willing to try something when they help making it;
  • Introduce new foods several times to children to increase food acceptance;
  • Serve small portions to avoid overwhelming your child.